We offer a wide range of activities


Climb up the wall to the top of one of our climbing walls and control your own decent by abseiling down the wall.

Adventure Course

Our assault course has you going up and under (nothing to do with rugby) over walls, cargo nets and down tubes with a competitive spirit if required. Our instructors will set challenges during your session time.

Air Rifle Shooting

Do you have a keen eye, are you a crack shot? Even if you have fired a rifle before, try our rifle range which has 4 shooting booths and uses .177 air rifles. Our trained instructors will assist you in hitting the target and maybe the black centre. You never know you could get the highest score in your group.


Do you want to shoot arrows like Robin Hood? Then this activity is the one for you. Archery is a great opportunity for participants to develop control, dexterity and precision. We have state of the art equipment and have flexible target ranges which can be geared to each age group. Our instructors concentrate on developing pupil’s technique and ensure all participants get better in the session. As with all our activities all safety equipment is supplied.

Cave Maze

Lovingly restored by Charlie Palmer, one of the longest serving members of the service crew, the skittle alley is in it’s own purpose refurbished building.


Ever thought that you would climb just as good as a monkey, well
Why not try your skills at our climbing walls. You will have the help of a trained climber who will help you every step of the way up, that’s if you need it.

Crate Stacking

Good balance? Steady on one foot? Not scared of a sudden drop?
If this sounds like you then you will love Crate Stacking. It’s a team building activity, stacking crates as high as you can with one of your team members balancing precariously on the top of your stack whilst the rest of the team are stacking them as high as they can.


Our pedal go-Karting track has enjoyed gradual development and refinement over the years and now tends to be inclusive on most troops agendas. Since his suspension Jeremy Clarkson has been visiting every day!

Jacob's Ladder

Jacobs Ladder is a vertical climb testing your nerve to its limits as you ascend up the ladder with various obstacles to overcome.

Laser Tag

Being one of our latest activities introduced onto the site, it offers the participants two teams of seven, and games can be set and reset by the leader, who will have a control module, this again has proved to be very popular with all participants.


5 sense, 1 of them taken away.... Your sight. Using your touch and your hearing, pushing your group skills to the limit with your elbow deep in mud, each member of the group will have their work cut out. Each team member will be blindfolded and will follow a guide line through the course with only the instructions of your team members and the watchful eye of your instructors to guide you through. Only the brave dare take it on, can you?


You will learn how to read maps and follow directions. With a choice of 3 courses you can choose to do a simple short course or more difficult intense courses that will test your skills to the limit.


Pioneering involves the process of designing and constructing equipment for practical uses. This can range from a simple washstand for your bowl, cantilever raising bridge and swing. 


New for 2018 Psitols

Quad Bikes

Our purpose built track will challenge you with its twists and turns, humps and bumps, can you stay on and complete the course.

Scalextric Room

Our New Scalextric room with three fast action tracks.

Swimming Pool

If you want a relaxing swim or fun splashing around, the outdoor swimming pool is suitable for every one of all ages and ability.
And it is solar heated!

Team Building

Working together within your group you will have various problems to solve and games to play. You will be challenged to your limits and have to work together to develop and learn new skills in order to get to the solution.

Traversing Wall

Our purpose built wall could have you going round in a spin as you climb side ways around with only your finger tips and toes keeping you connected to the blocks. How long can you hold on without falling off?

Zip Wire

How do you feel about sliding down a wire with only a harness holding you – try this thrilling experience as many times as you can in your session

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